5 Tips for Family RV Camping You Need to Know

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Embarking on a family RV camping trip is an incredible way to create lasting memories with your loved ones, especially when exploring the best RV parks in Oregon.


But before you start to dream of a life of freedom on the road, there are a few things to consider in terms of safety and convenience. These tips will help you make the most of your family RV camping adventure.

Safety First

If you don’t currently own an RV,  think through what kind of recreational vehicle is the right choice for your family. (And learn the pros and cons of renting vs buying.)


Kids need to be belted appropriately in any moving vehicle, according to the laws of the state you’re traveling in. This can be difficult in some motorhomes, so many parents of young children choose to pull a trailer or fifth wheel and have kids sit in the towing vehicle.


Before hitting the road, ensure your RV is in excellent condition by performing regular maintenance checks. Familiarize yourself with safety procedures, such as checking tire pressure, brakes and lights. Remember to pack essential safety items like a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and emergency contact information. 


Phoenix RV Park in Oregon offers thoughtful security features like night-vision cameras and 24-hour patrols to give you peace of mind.

Plan with Kids in Mind

Traveling with small children can be both exciting and challenging — to put it lightly. 


To ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey, consider their needs and plan accordingly. Create a comfortable sleeping space and pack their favorite toys and games. Creating steady routines and providing familiar foods and activities can help transition little ones into an #rvlife lifestyle. 


Phoenix RV Park provides spacious sites, allowing kids to run and play. 

It’s Worth the Time to Stay Organized

An RV that starts organized and stays organized makes the camping experience more enjoyable for everyone. 


  • Declutter and pack only the essentials (see below)
  • Use storage solutions to keep items organized and easily accessible 
  • Develop a system for meal planning and grocery shopping
  • Take advantage of campsite amenities, like laundry facilities and waste disposal areas


Keeping things in order helps create a low-stress and comfortable environment for your family.

Take Just Enough Stuff

RV camping encourages a minimalist mindset, allowing you to appreciate the simplicity of life on the road. Pack thoughtfully and avoid overloading your RV with unnecessary items. Having too much means not having access to what you need when you need it.


Consider the amenities provided by your chosen campground. Phoenix RV Park’s proximity to nearby stores and markets makes it convenient to stock up on supplies as needed. 

Savor the Freedom of RV Travel with Kids

RV camping lets kids experience new environments, cultures and outdoor adventures firsthand.


It fosters their curiosity, broadens their horizons and instills a sense of wonder in the world around them. Children learn valuable life skills like adaptability, problem-solving and an appreciation for nature. 


Moreover, family RV camping promotes quality time, strengthening familial bonds and creating lifelong memories. Cherish the moments spent together. Embrace the joy of traveling with your children.


Though traveling with kids can have stressful moments, traveling in an RV allows flexibility you can’t get any other way. 


Best RV Parks in Oregon

When you’re looking for mobile RV parks in Salem, Oregon, choose one that’s an ideal destination for family adventures. 


Enjoy stunning landscapes and savor the quality time spent with your loved ones. Family RV camping is an opportunity to disconnect from the daily grind and reconnect with each other while creating memories that will last a lifetime. 


Whether you choose Phoenix RV, Salem, Oregon’s RV camping with five-star amenities, or another campground, remember to prioritize safety, embrace the advantages of traveling with children and stay organized to ensure a successful trip.