Oregon RV camping

Tips for Safely RV Camping During Wildfire Season

Oregon RV camping gives you the opportunity to head off on the open road and explore all that the state has to offer. Unfortunately, wildfires have become a normal part of summers throughout the West Coast. While Oregon RV camping can still be an enjoyable part of a family’s summertime activities, campers now need to…
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Oregon RV camping

A Beginners Guide to Camping

Oregon RV camping trips offer a great opportunity for the entire family to get outdoors and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest. A day spent hiking or hanging out by the lake and a night full of campfire smoke and S’mores can make memories that last a lifetime. If you have never camped…
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luxury RV park in Salem

Five Reasons You Should Buy an RV

As visitors to our luxury RV park in Salem already know, owning an RV offers an incredible amount of freedom. Going on vacation or just a long weekend no longer feels like leaving home, as many of the creatures comforts you enjoy on a daily basis can come with when you travel around in an…
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luxury Salem RV park

A List of Emergency Camping Supplies You Always Need on Hand

Whether camping at a luxury Salem RV park or at one Oregon’s many state campgrounds, you always need to remain prepared in the case of an emergency. Unexpected snowfall, an ice storm, and even wild fires can make it necessary to have the right type of emergency supplies on hand. Let’s take a look at…
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Oregon winter camping

Helpful Tips for Making Oregon Winter Camping More Fun

With its majestic mountains and stunning costal vistas, Oregon winter camping offers visitors many wonders to behold. During the current pandemic, finding safe places to travel in order to get a way for a weekend or for a vacation have been hard to find. Fortunately, camping offers the opportunity to escape the home safely and…
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mobile RV parks Salem, Oregon

Safety Tips for RV Travel During COVID

All of the mobile RV parks Salem, Oregon has to offer face the same problem – finding a solution that allows visitors to safely camp during the current COVID crisis. A need to find a safe and effective solution has caused significant hassles for many campers, especially those living full-time in their RVs. When both…
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Waterfall with a green backdrop

Why You Should Spend More Time Outdoors This Summer

With the global pandemic changing what activities we all can engage in safely, taking a vacation to a Willamette Valley RV park still offers a great opportunity to get away. Unfortunately, public health restrictions caused by the pandemic have led to the cancelations of concerts, festivals, and other public events. Many vacations have been placed…
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Willamette Valley RV park

What You Should Consider Before Planning Your Next Camping Trip

As more parts of the state continue to reopen, it becomes easier for campers to visit our Willamette Valley RV park. Oregon summers make for a great time to take the RV out and spend some quality time with the family. However, the lingering presence of COVID-19 makes this particular summer a little different than…
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Stay home, Stay safe dice

RV Camping Post COVID – What to Expect

As we all continue to adjust to our new normal, most every aspect of our lives will change while the pandemic rages on. By now, most of us have adapted to the closure of state RV campgrounds in Oregon and Washington. But once these recreational sites begin to open back up, it will be a…
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Temporary closed sign

State Parks & Campsite in Oregon & Washington Closing to the Public

State RV parks in Oregon and Washington have taken the remarkable step of closing to the public. As of March 23rd, Oregon will close all of its campgrounds and state parks as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result of the move, over 250 parks designed for daily use and camping will no…
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RVs camping in the snow

Winter RV Safety Tips You Need to Know

As a hobby or a way of life, RV camping offers the opportunity for year-round excitement. Even though the summer months is when our Salem RV park receives the most reservations, winter camping offers its own unique rewards. From winter vistas and fewer crowds to skiing and hiking, the winter offers a different camping experience…
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RV Expo: Dealer Outlet Mall

Tips for Navigating Your First RV Expo

Purchasing an RV requires making a serious financial investment. Not only do you need to determine how much you want to spend pursuing your new hobby, you also need to determine which type of RV best meets both your current and future needs. For those new to the world of RV adventure, even getting an…
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