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April Showers Brings Plenty to See and Do in Oregon

With spring set to bloom here in Oregon, April offers a number of glorious chances to further explore the arts and culture that make the Pacific NW such an intriguing place to visit. If you’re looking for a good SAM RV park in Salem, Oregon, you know to look at Phoenix RV to meet your…
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It’s Spring Time In Oregon

Fewer places offer more scenic beauty than the Pacific Northwest during the spring. Whether planning your next Oregon RV trip or looking for something to do on the weekend, we have you covered with a list of exciting, family friendly activities you can look forward to this March. So pack up the picnic basket, get…
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Here’s What to do this February in Oregon

Even though the weather remains wet and cold, the fun doesn’t stop in Oregon during the winter months. As the Midwest and Northeast continue to get hit by massive snow storms and freezing temperatures, those of us on the West Coast have plenty of opportunities to pull out our umbrellas and enjoy what the season…
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Enjoy the Fun of Fall in Oregon

Even though the summer receives a lot of the credit for getting people out and about exploring Oregon, the fall has its own hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered if you know where to look. While you might not initially think of the fall as a great time to visit some Salem, Oregon campgrounds,…
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October Fun Awaits in Oregon

With summer fading into fall, our team at Phoenix RV Park get a lot of inquiries regarding campgrounds near Salem, Oregon. After all, Oregon offers a variety of exciting activities from Salem to Portland, Pendleton to St. Helens, and everywhere in-between. So let’s take a quick look at some of the most interesting family friendly…
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Your Guide to Flower Festivals in Oregon

As the cold rains and winds turn to springtime’s sun, and warmer temperatures start to erase the chill of Old Man Winter, it’s flower festival season in Oregon. From rhododendrons to roses and tulips to irises, our state offers a magnificent array of colors and scents to delight everyone. Most of the options are just…
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Winter RV Camping In Oregon

Winter is not traditionally the time when most folks go RVing, but thankfully Oregon offers a treasure trove of RV camping bounties in the “off-season.” As one of the best RV parks Oregon has, Phoenix RV Park in Salem, Oregon is just one of many places to call home base as you explore the natural…
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See Festive Oregon This June

There are few places in the U.S. that can match the beauty and wonder of Oregon in the summer. From the roses in bloom to the crystal clear water of Crater Lake, the Beaver State offers a cornucopia of delights for outdoor lovers and festival goers of all ages. So if you’re looking for a…
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Exploring the Willamette Valley

Exploring Oregon highlights the diversity of our ecosystems within just a few hours’ drive. From snow-capped peaks to rolling surf, and from it’s winding shady rivers and mountainous sand dunes, you can go from one to the other in no time at all. The Willamette Valley region has all of this and more, offering RVers…
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Phoenix RV Park Opens New RV Storage in Salem

“(Salem, OR) -March 6, 2017 – As the economy continues to improve, people are once again investing in leisure. According to the Recreational Vehicle (RV) Industry Association, there are more than 12,000 RV-related businesses in the United States, with combined annual revenues of more than $37.5 billion….” Read the full article.
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Enjoy The Holiday Season in Oregon

Camping near Salem, Oregon is just one option you have when it comes to enjoying all of the sights, sounds and activities available to those of us in the Pacific Northwest this holiday season. Just as the weather turns colder and the rain seems to never stop, the seasonal holiday celebrations heat up to help…
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Fall is Festival Season in Oregon

As the leafs began to change and the weather turns damp, fewer people search for campgrounds near Salem, Oregon. However, just because visiting Oregon’s many beautiful parks and camping spaces requires a little more waterproofing this time of year doesn’t mean the state doesn’t have plenty of activities to fill the calendar. Fall is festival…
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