What’s the Difference Between an RV and a Camper?

RV park in Salem

At our RV park in Salem, we know that nothing beats hitting the open road and taking in the scenic views Oregon has to offer in an RV or through the window of a camper. If you haven’t experienced RV life before, you may not know the difference between a camper and an RV. Knowing…

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6 Scenic Locations to Go Winter RV Camping in Oregon

winter RV camping in Oregon

There’s little doubt that winter RV camping in Oregon offers some truly stunning views and scenic vistas that shouldn’t be missed. When a state features both a rainforest and a desert, you know that it offers a wide range of climates, so even if the idea of camping out in the snow doesn’t offer a…

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A Brief History of RV Camping in America

luxury RV park in Salem

If you’ve ever spent the day at a luxury RV park in Salem, you may have started to wonder how Americans reached the point where camping became such a popular activity. While the RV may seem like a very modern invention, it actually goes back over 100 years. The very first RV traces all the…

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Fall Camping Tips for Your Next Oregon RV Trip

RV camping in Oregon

Even as the weather turns wetter, the fall still makes an excellent time to go RV camping in Oregon. While colder temperatures and frequent rainfall means some activities become a little more challenging, the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest as the leafs fall and the colors change makes camping well worth the effort. Here…

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Tips for Safely RV Camping During Wildfire Season

Oregon RV camping

Oregon RV camping gives you the opportunity to head off on the open road and explore all that the state has to offer. Unfortunately, wildfires have become a normal part of summers throughout the West Coast. While Oregon RV camping can still be an enjoyable part of a family’s summertime activities, campers now need to…

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