Dreaming of Spring in Oregon

While the air still holds the chill of winter, the occasional warm day can easily lead the mind to wander towards thoughts of where to visit once spring arrives. Fortunately for those with a RV in Oregon, the spring offers no shortage of places to visit. To help you pick the ideal vacation spot for you and your family, here are a few of the top Oregon destinations for spring travel.


If a trip to the Oregon Coast with the family sounds like an appealing spring road trip, Newport could be the perfect destination. Just a little over two hours from Portland, Newport is a friendly fishing town of just 10,000 that features much of the charm associated with Pacific Ocean. Take a walk along the waterfront and you’ll hear the barking of sea lions lounging about on the sunny docks nearby. Stand above and gander as they playfully role their sleekly plump bodies in and out of the water.

If the local sea lion show has you clamoring for more, make sure to visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium, which promises to provide you with an up close look of a variety of wildlife that ranges from seabirds to sharks. For a stunning view of nature in its habitat, a Marine Discovery Tour will give you and your family a chance to search for great grey whales on their spring migration north.

Of course a trip to the coast gives you a chance to do more than just look at sea life. Newport offers a chance to dine at Local Ocean Seafood, a fish market and restaurant that sells fish caught that day.

Quenett Winery

While the Willamette Valley receives most of the attention when it comes to wine growing in Oregon, the vines of the Columbia Gorge offer world-class vino of their own. One of the Gorge’s most successful wineries, Quenett Winery started as a passion project for husband and wife tandem James and Molli Martin in 2004. By 2012, the couple’s Copa Di Vino label had quickly became the second highest selling wine in the state.

With a state-of-the-art tasting room and beautiful campus, the Quenett Winery offers a destination location for wine lovers who have experienced what the Willamette Valley has to offer and want to experience something new and unexpected.

Hood River County Fruit Loop

Nestled between the peaks of Mt. Adams in Washington and Oregon’s Mt. Hood sits the Hood River Valley, one of the area’s top fruit producing regions. With little traffic, constantly shifting landscapes and stores that sell pies of every imagining, the valley offers something for foodies and nature fans alike.

For those unfamiliar with the Fruit Loop – a designation for the 36 stops found around the valley – the Hood River Chamber of Commerce produces a free county road map that will help you navigate your way from cherry trees to apple orchards in no time.

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