Enjoy the Fun of Fall in Oregon

landmark steel bridge in portland from riverbank

Even though the summer receives a lot of the credit for getting people out and about exploring Oregon, the fall has its own hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered if you know where to look. While you might not initially think of the fall as a great time to visit some Salem, Oregon campgrounds, the state has many beautiful scenic vistas and exciting activities that are only available when the season starts to turn.

For many lifelong Oregonians, fall ranks as the best time to get outdoors and experience our state’s abundant beauty. With smaller crowds at Salem, Oregon campgrounds and other RV resorts, milder fall weather and awe inspiring autumnal hues, what’s not to love about fall in the Pacific Northwest.

With that in mind, here are a few activities you might want to consider experiencing for yourself this fall.

Oregon Fall Foliage

Few things better represent the gradual change from summer into fall better than the turning of autumn leaves. As the vibrant greens of summer transform into the colorful yellows, oranges and fiery reds of fall. Even for a state best known for its evergreen trees, Oregon features a surprisingly wide array of colorful trees, including alders, willows, maples and aspens that stand out brightly from the background of deep greens and golden browns.

Two of the most impressive areas to scope out the fall foliage in Oregon offer very different but equally spectacular scenes. Silver Falls State Park – located in the Cascade Foothills – offers a stunning combination of intensely colorful foliage combined with waterfall-laden landscapes. During the fall season, bright bigleaf and vine maples frame waterfalls, practically popping out from old-growth Doug firs and western hemlock groves.

Travel to the remote corner of southeast Oregon and up the banks of the Steens Mountain and you’ll find the state’s largest colonies of quaking aspen. These trees are known for putting on a powerful display of bright yellows and deep orange. Due to the higher elevation, the foliage of Steens Mountain starts turning very early in the season, often beginning in late September.

Mountain Bike Season

Whether due to lower temperatures or better traction on the dirt following the first rains of fall, it turns out that this is the best season for mountain biking in Oregon. Before the wet winter season sets in, Oregon has a brief window that offers exceptional riding conditions, perfect for new and experienced mountain bikers alike.

Appreciation for mountain biking in Oregon has grown in recent years thanks in part to the improvement of trails in such places as Black Rock, Mount Hood, Oakridge and Bend.

During the fall season, the mountain biking trails of Oregon transform into fall foliage destinations that are on par with any other scenic vista in the state. The diverse variety of Oregon mountain biking trails provides suitable options for riders of all skill levels. Whether you’re looking for an easy-going scenic trail or 5,000-foot mountain passes, Oregon has you covered.

Crabbing on the Coast

As a general rule, any month that ends in an “r” makes an ideal time to fish for crabs on the Oregon coast. Whether setting your crab pots at Nehalem Bay or Kelly’s Brighton Marina, you’re sure to come away with dinner and a great time the entire family can enjoy together.

Crabbing gear can be rented or purchased from a number of different shops along the Oregon coast, most of which will be happy to provide you with some recommendations on the best places to set up your pots. Just make sure to familiarize yourself with all of Oregon’s current regulations on fishing before heading out.