Five Reasons You Should Buy an RV

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As visitors to our luxury RV park in Salem already know, owning an RV offers an incredible amount of freedom. Going on vacation or just a long weekend no longer feels like leaving home, as many of the creatures comforts you enjoy on a daily basis can come with when you travel around in an RV.

For those who’ve already made the commitment, the joys of RV ownership have become ingrained in how they plan vacations, consider where to travel, and even how they identify as a family. For those who’ve yet to buy an RV, a lot of consideration must go into making such a significant purchase.

If you remain on the fence about whether RV ownership is right for you, here are a few reasons why so many of the guest to our luxury RV park in Salem love owning a RV.

Vacations Become Less Stressful

Going on vacation offers a chance for the entire family to rest, relax, and have some fun. Of course, the process of getting to your vacation destination can nearly cause enough stress to make the entire trip not worth the effort.

First, you need to make sure every member of the family is properly packed. Then you need to find someone to watch any pets while away. Loading up everyone into the car to then sit around and wait until your flight finally departs at the airport while battling crowds and COVID protocols can leave you feeling exhausted by the time you finally arrive at your destination.

Traveling by RV enables you to simply skip many of these traditional challenges. Packing becomes a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about fitting everything you need into a single bag. Pets can come with you and don’t need to be left at home alone or boarded. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll never have to deal with the crowded airports or delayed flights that can make traveling a real grind.

Greater Flexibility

When flying to your vacation destination, you don’t have the option of planning out a route that allows you to see sites other along the way. Want to see the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota, check. Interested in checking out the Corn Palace in South Dakota, no problem. Do you have an affinity for truck stops and other roadside attractions? Feel free to stop and see whatever you want.

Along with the ability to create your own travel schedule, owning an RV also means you no longer need to worry about where spend the night. Questionable motels that look like something out of a horror movie or overpriced hotels along the highway are no longer your only sleeping option when traveling by RV.

Saves You Money

Flying the entire family to see grandma or to visit an amusement park can account for a significant share of your vacation budget. Money spent staying at hotels, eating out at restaurants, and renting a car can quickly eat through the rest.

With an RV, you can significantly reduce your vacation expenditures. The amount of money you spend on gas will always be less than the cost of flying the entire family. An RV means never needing to sleep in a hotel, and a fully equipped kitchen means you don’t need to spend money eating out when on the road.

Improved Comfort

Unless in business class, flying requires squeezing into tight spaces for long hours without any food or drinks that don’t cost ridiculous prices. Staying at random hotels can mean sleeping on uncomfortable beds that may or may not meet your preferred standards for hygiene.

When traveling by RV, you and every member of the family has plenty of room to stretch out and relax when on the road. Traveling by RV isn’t like traveling by car, an experience nearly as uncomfortable as flying.

In an RV, one person can lay down and relax in back when it’s not their turn to drive. When you do get behind the wheel, you’re far more refreshed and ready to go than when sitting shotgun in a car or SUV.

When you do sleep, it’s in your own bed, not one shared with countless strangers. You’ll have the right amount of support and comfortable pillows needed to get all the rest you need for the next day.

Meet New and Interesting People

RV lovers form an inclusive club where fellow enthusiasts are always welcome. From those you meet at our luxury RV park in Salem to message boards and Facebook groups dedicated to living the RV life, you’ll have a chance to meet far more people who share your passion for the open road than when flying commercial or traveling by car.