Let the Open Road Be Your Design Guide

You’ve dreamt of this moment for years. You spent countless hours working hard and saving your pennies so that you could travel the open road in your new recreational vehicle. The RV’s of today have highly exceeded those of the past. Now with newer technology, larger living space and all the amenities of a comfortable and functioning home, one can enjoy traveling with a carefree attitude.

Your own aesthetic and design appeal

Now that you have your dream “home” it’s time to start thinking about adding your own aesthetic and design appeal. The great thing about decorating your new RV is that you can create a completely different style then you “stationary” home. It’s an opportunity to think outside the box, use some ingenuity and be a bit more innovative.

The biggest step to overcome is, of course, the issue of space and use of said space. Depending on how luxurious your budget allowed when purchasing your RV, determines just how much creativity you need to utilize every nook and cranny. You may have even had the opportunity to choose your color palette when picking out your RV, so odds are that you are already headed in the right direction.

Imagine what your ideal living space

First and foremost, open the door of your new home and go in and have a seat. Imagine what your ideal living space would look like. Walk around a bit, open all the cabinets and doors and even flop on the bed. The best way to unlock your creativity is to become one with the space. Surprisingly enough, the ideas will come to you.

For example, a great way to remind yourself that this isn’t your “normal” home is to design in a way that represents the reasons you bought the traveling home in the first place. Things like the outdoors, the open road, family vacations, sights unseen and new cultural experiences. Ideally, you will be collecting trinkets and memories on your travels and you will want to display those proudly.

Utilize the areas that are not already being used

An easy way to do this is to utilize the areas in your RV that are not already being used for functionality. Lining unsightly metal overhangs or doors with corkboard material or magnetic contact paper will allow you to display your postcards or magnets you’ve collected. Online RV accessory stores sell both of these items, along with easy to use shelving systems for holding trinkets or frames.

As you would assume, in such a small space, keeping the areas free of clutter are not only appealing to the eye, but better overall for carefree living. Another idea to bring a more outdoorsy design aesthetic into your home is to choose bedding and textiles that are rich in color. Think dark woody browns or deep forest greens. These tones emit warm, inviting feelings and make the perfect color palette for comfort. Even better is that dark chocolate brown curtains easily block out the sun when it’s up before you want to be.

Bring a little piece of your other home with you

Also think about bringing a little piece of your other home with you. If you have a favorite vase or even a pillow or two, add that into your design. Many times we forget that an RV doesn’t simply have to be a hotel on wheels. It can easily be the home of your dreams given a little bit of creativity and paying homage to the rustic nature most RVer’s desire.

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