Must See Oregon Places to Visit in October

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No where else in America can you wallow in the breathtaking natural hot springs in the morning, take epic photos of tall mountains at lunch time, and roll into hip cool city by mid-afternoon, treat yourself to a perfected brewed beers and by evening then dip your feet into the pacific ocean by night.

The Pacific Northwest is a place many of us call home, a true charmer and one for everyone’s vacation bucket list. For non-locals, it seems offbeat, quirky with an odd sense of humor it makes it fun place to cruise through. With a carefree attitude and most see more determination, travelers have a lot to do and see. We love the Pacific Northwest for its welcoming attitude and natural approach to life. If you are planning a road trip, head west to the Pacific Northwest.

Here are must see places to visit in October.

Portland, Oregon

Portland, the wonderful land of tall trees and salmon gets its kicks from progressive thought, down to earth conversation combined with organic raw charm, Portland is a must visit city.  Portland goes by many nicknames, City of Roses, Stumptown, Puddletown, PDX, P-Town, Bridge City no matter your name of choose, locals are passionate about “Keeping Portland Weird.”

Driving into Portland is easy, and it is a must see on your next road trip. The drive is beautiful as Mt. Hood sits comfortable about the city, from most angels you will see a good view on a clear day.

Portland, Oregon, buzzes with a youthful charm and unmatched vitality that is personal and approachable. Don’t forget to pack your Gore-Tex rain jackets, as the rain in the fall is inevitable. It’s a utopia for all activists, cyclists, runners vegetarians, outdoor junkies and dog-huggers, all visiting countless brewpubs, urban coffee houses and independent clothing shops.

Crater Lake

Oregon is an adventure lover’s paradise and visiting the famous Crater Lake is a must do on your next Oregon excursion. The breathtaking still waters of Crater Lake always showoff surrounding mountain peaks in their reflection. Make sure you bring your camera to this perfect photographic heaven.

Crater Lake is Oregon’s only national park as well as the USA’s deepest lake almost 1943ft deep. Bring your hiking boots, you can hike and cross-country ski in the surrounding area. Bring your RV and cruise the 33-mile loop Rim drive. It is open from June to mid-October and offers over 30 viewpoints as it winds around the edge of Crater Lake.

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