Oregon Guide to Fall Foliage

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As the weather cools and the rain continues to pour, the fall season arrives to remind us of how beautiful the Pacific Northwest looks no matter the time of year. While the summer gets a lot of deserved attention as the season for scenic hikes and breathtaking tours of wine country, the fall offers it’s own share of aesthetic wonders, as well.

The fall foliage in Oregon provides a colorful canvas or dark ambers, rich oranges, and golden hues. Depending on where in the state you visit, the leaves can range in colors certain to delight. With that in mind, here’s a fall guide from your Salem RV Park of choice, to some of the best places in Oregon to see some stunning fall foliage.

Eugene, the Cascades & Coast

In the regions of Eugene, the Cascades, and the coast, yellow and pink trees line the landscape and every neighborhood street seems to come alive with fall colors. In the coming weeks, we suggest a little urban hiking. For those not wanting to travel very far, a short hike up Lincoln Street starting in downtown Eugene offers a wonderful spectrum of color. This gorgeous little stretch of street, this walk of a few miles will take a little while to complete, but you’ll pass through the town’s wooded dog park and the grandeur of the graveyard, the Mount Cavalry Cemetery.

For those in the vicinity of the Oregon coast, be sure to take a look at Alder Glen Falls, a constantly changing cascading waterfall located in Tillamook that begins to flow more prominently once the wet season begins. Located in a moss decorated setting of maple and alder trees along the banks of the Nestucca River, this spot is certain to become a favorite of fall foliage hunters.

Willamette Valley

Foliage season is nearly over in the Willamette Valley, as a series of heavy storms has caused a lot of the vibrancy of the leaves to die off. Many leaves have already started fall and forecasts for higher elevated areas call for snow sooner than later. So take advantage while you can and see some of the last vestiges of the fall season. Take a drive through scenic Silverton and make sure to visit the Oregon Garden, open every day to the public.

Portland Metro

A blanket of fall colors have fallen over the greater Portland metro area, making the whole city seem vibrant and alive. The Camassia Natural Area, located in the nearby suburb of West Linn, offers a walking area full of excellent fall foliage. The staff at the Nature Conservancy have nursed back to health over 26 acres of meadows and oak woodlands open for public access. This scenic center is also a great place for bird watchers to gather and spy on vireos, warblers, chickadees and ospreys of all sizes.