RV Camping Post COVID – What to Expect

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As we all continue to adjust to our new normal, most every aspect of our lives will change while the pandemic rages on. By now, most of us have adapted to the closure of state RV campgrounds in Oregon and Washington. But once these recreational sites begin to open back up, it will be a long time before it becomes business as usual.

Ensuring your satisfaction when visiting Phoenix RV Resort remains our top priority during this difficult time. As the circumstances related to COVID-19 continue to evolve, we want to help provide our customers with a better understanding of what they might expect when it comes to visiting RV campgrounds in Oregon and Washington over the coming weeks and months.

RV Campgrounds & Resorts

Our RV campground and resort will continue to remain open during this time of social distancing. However, due to the stay at home orders issued by Gov. Brown and the recommendations put out by the CDC, not every campground and RV park in the state will remain open. Some might allow current guests to remain, but have taken steps to no longer accept new reservations. Currently, we are inviting all of our guest to extend their stay if they so choose.

While private RV parks and resorts may vary regarding their acceptance of reservations, all state campgrounds and parks will remain closed for the immediate future. For more information regarding campground and park closures, we invite you to check out our blog post on the topic here.

RV Etiquette – Management Offices

Even as certain campsites remain open, it’s important to still practice social distancing guidelines whenever possible. This includes how to interact with campground management offices, some of which will open only by appointment.

In general, try following the steps listed below:

  • Call the management office in advance of your arrival or your check out. Frequently, you’ll have the option to pay any outstanding balances and receive your camping assignment prior to arriving. By calling in advance, you’ll ensure the site is ready for your arrival and you won’t need to stop by the office and can immediately begin to enjoy your stay.
  • If you have any questions, complaints, or issues that need addressing, we’d advise that you also call management rather than stopping by the office. If you have a problem that cannot be addressed over the phone, call to make an appointment rather than stopping by the office unannounced. This will help to limit the number of guests offices will need to receive at one time and better promote safe social distancing.
  • If you or any member of your party feel under the weather, please follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation for staying at your site under quarantine. Please refrain from visiting the office or any common areas of the resort until at least two weeks following your recovery and lack of symptoms.

Community Amenities & Events

One area of RV campgrounds where the impact of COVID will certainly be felt is in the use of communal amenities. Due to CDC recommendations, you can expect to find communal spaces like playgrounds, pools, spas, and picnic areas to all be closed. You can also expect any type of communal events, such as BBQs, movie screenings, or other type of large gathering to also be canceled.

Communal areas like laundry facilities and showers and bathrooms may remain open on a site by site basis. Even if such facilities remain open to the public, there will certainly be a limit on the number of guests that can use them at any one time.