Safety Tips for RV Travel During COVID

mobile RV parks Salem, Oregon

All of the mobile RV parks Salem, Oregon has to offer face the same problem – finding a solution that allows visitors to safely camp during the current COVID crisis. A need to find a safe and effective solution has caused significant hassles for many campers, especially those living full-time in their RVs.

When both public and private campgrounds were forced to shut down back in March, many RV owners found it nearly impossible to find a place to camp. Even now after many restrictions have been lifted, access to facilities like bathhouse, laundry, and other public spaces have been significantly limited.

Whether a weekend RV enthusiast who loves to visit the mobile RV parks Salem, Oregon has to offer or someone who lives in their RV full-time, knowing how to navigate the current COVID-related camping challenges is an absolute must. Here are a few tips on how you can successfully plan ahead and stay safe.

Plan Ahead

Even though most campgrounds have reopened, the availability of spaces may be limited. Calling each and every park for availability can feel tedious. Fortunately, a number of websites exist that can let RV owners know where they can find a place to dock their camper.

  • Campendium – A site that makes daily updates on policy changes and campground openings and closures.
  • Rootless Living – Offers a handy color-coded list that enables users to see which states have the most RV openings in real time.
  • ARVC – The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds sites offers daily updates on campsite closures and local and state regulations.
  • RVillage – Another site that offers a list of available camping sites.
  • Reserve America – This sites offers an updated list of state park closure and facility updates.

Join Social Media Groups

RV enthusiasts love to share information online about their favorite pastime, and Facebook offers a number of groups both full- and part-time RVers can join. These types of groups can offer a wealth of information, and make a great place to find some answers to some commonly answered questions. If you need to know whether a campsite remains open, what amenities are available, or any other question, these groups offer a fantastic resource.

You may want to consider joining groups like:

  • Full-Time RVers
  • RV Tips,
  • RV Resource Group
  • Full-Time Retired RVers

Keep in Mind How Campground Etiquette Has Changed

RV parks are usually incredibly friendly place where children and pets can run free and neighbors invite each other over for cookouts. During these current times, however, what’s considered appropriate behavior at the RV park has certainly changed. While people will still largely remain friendly, they will expect you to maintain more distance.

Many campsites have already reconfigured themselves to provide space for social distancing. More space between campsites means fewer campsites overall, but it doesn’t mean you should feel free to spread out more. Other RV owners will appreciate it if you maintain the maximum distance possible. They might also be less welcoming of kids and pets running through their campsites.

Overall, just remain considerate of your neighbors and their space and you should get along just fine.

Know How Your RV Works

Before the current pandemic, it’s been fairly common for RV owners that don’t know how some part of their vehicle worked, they could move around the campground to find someone that could provide them with assistance. With many RV campers practicing social distancing, and with your own safety to consider, the days of having a stranger enter your RV may be over for a while.

If you don’t know how to hook up your water, deal with small electric issues, successfully troubleshoot an AC unit, or handle other simple mechanical issues while out on the road, you may want to consider how far you’re willing to travel. Small, creature comfort issues like a malfunctioning dishwasher can wait for repair, but not knowing how to properly set up your sewage or water lines can make camping all but impossible.

Take the time to learn the ins and outs of your RV before hitting the road and you’ll a much safer, and happier time visiting the mobile RV parks Salem, Oregon has to offer.