Take a Trip to Visit the Seven Wonders of Oregon

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With spring having officially arrived, the time has come to break out of the hibernation of winter, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and breathtaking vistas that Oregon has to offer. Whether this year marks your first RV trip across Oregon or you have made frequent visits to the state’s numerous forests, parks and monuments, the Beaver State still has plenty of sites worth seeing.

For those trying to decide what to visit while traveling across Oregon, making plans to visit one of the Seven Wonders of Oregon is always a good place to start. Located across the state, the Seven Wonders offers something for everyone. From the majesty of Crater Lake to the breathtaking views from Mt. Hood, loading up the RV to visit one of these natural treasures is certain to be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. And if you’re looking for the best Willamette Valley RV Park, contact us today.

Mt. Hood


Capped by 11 glaciers, one for every thousand feet the mountain rises above sea level, Mt. Hood’s perpetually snowy peak can be seen all the way from Portland.

Flanking the sides of Mt. hood include such pristine alpine lakes such as Mirror, Trillium and Lost, while the historic Timberline457488203 Lodge sits atop the mountain’s curving roads, and features some of the only year-round skiing available anywhere in the U.S. Designed to mirror the lines of the surround mountains, the lodge is constructed of wood and stone salvaged from the surrounding forest, and was built in 1938 as part of the Works Progress Administration’s efforts to restart the American economy during the Great Depression.

Forests at the base of Mt. Hood overflow with wildflowers and lavender during the springs, and burst with berries and pears during the summer and fall. One trip from the mountain to the town of Hood River and you’ll see why locals call it the Fruit Loop.

Oregon Coast


With over 360 miles of shoreline open and free to the public, exploring the Oregon Coast is really a matter preference.471077519

You can start your journey off by dune bugging or sandboarding across the southern sand dunes, or chip your way out of a sand trap located in one of the America’s premiere public golf courses.

Wander through tide pools looking for agates and other marine life or hike up tide worn cliffs and down through ancient old-growth forests. Watch the waves crash against the rocks at Devil’s Punch Bowl or at Devil’s Churn, or hunt for hidden waterfalls at Hug Point. Whatever your preference, the Oregon Coast is certain not to disappoint.

The Columbia River Gorge


A short trip from Portland, the Columbia River Gorge offers scenic views from Crown Point, where onlookers can take in the beauty of the Columbia cradled at the base of the Gorge.494955403

Hike around Multnomah Falls on paths such as Bridal Veil, Ponytail and Horsetail that line the Historic Columbia River Highway. The views from Dog Mountain of Rowena Crest are not to be missed, but there’s always time to make a stop at Oregon’s oldest bookstore located in The Dalles.

Thanks to it fertile geography, the Gorge offers an outstanding selection of wine. Taste the tannins of Oregon pinot noir or sip refreshingly crisp chardonnay in the western hills before traveling east to enjoy the succulent syrah and tempting temperanillo that grows in the warmer east end.

The Gorge ranks as the country’s largest National Scenic Area as designed by Congress. Take a trip and you’ll see why.

Painted Hills


A trip to see Oregon’s Painted Hills is like stepping back millions of years in time. The hills reveal their history one color at a time494040763 with the multiple layers of earth that provide the region its unique name. Created by the stunning colored stratification of the soil that results in red, black, gold and yellow layers, the Painted Hills are best viewed during the late afternoon when the sun hits the perfect angle to draw out the rich saturation of color each layer has to offer.

While the tones and hue can appear to change with every viewing thanks to the ever changing claystones, which are affected by moisture levels and angle of the sun, one visit is all you need to understand why this is one site in Oregon that just can’t be missed.

Smith Rock


Towers of volcanic ash the reach high into the sky forming the surrounding structure of Smith Rock, the birthplace of sport climbing in the U.S. Smith Rock’s basalt and tuff cliffs make it an ideal rock climbing destination for all skill levels. Whether bouldering, traditional climbing or rock climbing, the routes of Smith Rock’s face attract thousands of climbers from across the globe annually. Located in Central Oregon, and the recipient of over 300 sunny days a year, Smith Rock ranks as an ideal spot to visit for the adventurous at heart.

The Wallowas


Standing on the Wallowas affords a view unlike any other. Visitors to the alpine summit can gaze down upon the high desert of 81171911Indian country that rolls forth in one direction, and then spin around to peer into the vast depths of Hells Canyon that extends all the way into Idaho.

Spend the day horseback riding or hiking up to the summit, or take the express route and ride the gondola that rises up the 3,700 feet from Wallowa Lake to the Mt. Howard’s peak. Bring the whole family, as the Wallowas offer great camping, cabins and miniature golf. Surrounding town such as Enterprise and Joseph offer fantastic restaurants, shopping and art galleries to peruse when not out taking in the sites.

Crater Lake


The deepest lake in the U.S. was formed thousands of years ago when the now dormant volcano that lies beneath Crater Lake’s placid surface erupted, creating a massive crater where the mountain’s top once existed. Now, surrounded by cliffs that reach 480817531nearly 2,000 feet high, Crater Lake features water so blue and serene, you may find yourself drifting away when gazing upon its beauty.

While many of the roads leading up to crater lake close in the winter, the summer season offers plenty of opportunity to camp, hike and visit nearby Ashland, home of the world famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival.