Tips for Navigating Your First RV Expo

RV Expo: Dealer Outlet Mall

Purchasing an RV requires making a serious financial investment. Not only do you need to determine how much you want to spend pursuing your new hobby, you also need to determine which type of RV best meets both your current and future needs. For those new to the world of RV adventure, even getting an accurate idea of all the different types of RVs can seem like an imposing hill to climb. Fortunately, RV shows offer an excellent opportunity for getting a crash course in all things RV.

From seeing the different sizes and models available to learning all about the creature comforts and added features an RV can include, you’ll find that spending a few hours at an RV show will answer many of the questions you might have about buying the right RV for you.

However, RV shows can be simply massive. Depending on the size of the venue, you can find hundreds of different types of RVs and what’ll seem like a never ending series of options. To help keep you from overloading during your first or next RV show experience, here are a few tips to keep in mind that will help you get the most out of your next trip.

Get There Early

Arriving early will give you plenty of time to look around, build in a few breaks, and have a chance to speak with RV reps before things get too crazy. Most larger RV shows will post maps online a few days in advance of doors opening. By downloading a copy, you can plan out your route and make sure you see everything. If you’re not sure what to expect at a show, feel free to contact the staff in advance to ask any questions you may have. This way, if you’re only interested in one specific model or brand, you won’t waste your time looking for something that’s not being featured.

Make Multiple Trips

If you have the time and inclination, consider making your RV show a multiday activity. The larger RV shows can cover the distance of several football fields, which requires a lot of walking if you want to see everything. Additionally, if you’ve ever been to a massive museum like the MET or Louvre, you know how quickly the senses can become overloaded when there’s too much to look at. With a larger show and hundreds of brands on display, you may quickly find yourself forgetting what you just looked at because of how much there is to see.

Bring a Backpack

For those interested in RV camping it shouldn’t be too hard to pack properly for a day at a trade show. Bringing a backpack, and fill it with a few bottles of water and some snacks in case you get hungry or thirsty during the day. Concessions at some RV shows can rival movie theaters and sporting events in terms of prices. You’ll also need a place to put all of the brochures, maps, and literature you receive from the different parties that attend these events. Finally, for those ready to buy, make sure to bring a flashlight and tape measurer so you make proper measurements and can take a look at the darker spaces in the RV.

Ask Questions, All of Them

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of any sales, manufacturer, vendor, or supplier rep in attendance. These individuals are there to act in a sales capacity and should be thrilled to answer any questions about their products or services. So that you don’t miss anything, consider writing your questions out in advance.

Be Thorough

This is your opportunity to get up close and personal with an RV you’re considering buying. You’ll never have a better opportunity to turn every knob, touch every switch, and swivel around in any chairs. Stand in front of the stove and imagine yourself cooking there. Sit in the driver’s seat to see how comfortable you might feel behind the wheel. Close the door while in the bathroom to make sure it feels spacious enough for you to do any business later on. An RV is a massive investment. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to make sure an RV is the right one for you.

Ignore the Pressure

As we mentioned earlier, RV shows are filled with reps looking to make a sale. It’s their jobs to make it hard for you to say “no.” But it’s also important that you move at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Don’t feel pressured to buy and definitely do not buy because someone is offering you “an incredibly deal.” Take your time. Identify what you want, and don’t make a purchase until you’re fully comfortable and finally settled on what is the right RV for yo